An open letter: To my friend, on her wedding day

This will be a beautiful day. The ceremony, the decorations, the details, the bride — all beautiful. You have done a wonderful job preparing for the wedding you dreamed about. All the work and planning are worth it. There will be fun and laughter, dancing and celebrating.

More importantly, you and your groom will make promises today — promises to each other and promises to God. All beautiful and so daring. You stand in faith making promises about an unknown future. You commit now to the choices you will make on days that are months and years from today. Choices you will make come what may. All of heaven bears witness as two broken people commit to choosing the good of the other over convenience, to choose love over easy.

And this would be foolishness, this promising on the future, but for the God who has made a covenant with us. He renews His promises to you today — to you personally and to you and your husband as one. You don’t walk into a future alone and untethered. We have an anchor that enters into the very presence of God, holding us there with the One who has promised Himself to us.

Today will be beautiful. There will be days to come that do not seem beautiful. The tempting thoughts will probably find you, thoughts that other circumstances would be better or easier. That the greener pastures lie with a different spouse or in the free days of being single. That if only he would do or say the things you’ve decided he needs to do or say, then life will be better. And that’s why the commitment is a choice, a choice we keep making.

This is the beauty of the commitment — the decision is made, the choice secured. You will choose your husband over and over again, not because you are beautiful and strong, but because of the anchor holding your promise.

Say, “I do,” and then do it again and again.

This is a beautiful life you have chosen. This is a beautiful day.

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